Gears 5 Review (Xbox One) & Comments

It's fun but it's about as generic as it comes, feels old fashioned to play and the sound is way off, very odd mix. Best use of hdr I've ever seen on my TV though, lighting is stunning. Got about half way and gave up, will get back to it at some point.

I'd say 7/8 is fair. Too many reviews giving 10 or 100/100, there's no way you can put this in the same class as Half life 2, Halo CE or The last of us. Those games changed the way we see the medium, G5 is just a nice gears game.
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Best hdr game I have seen to date and best atmos by far. Still gears 2 remains my favourite


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Is it fixed? I tried to play the other week ,cleared some area and then nothing happened, ran around for 10 mins looking for where to go before turning it off. Checked online and apparently there's loads of similar bugs later in the game. I was a big Gears fan once, not really pushed to get back into this. . .


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The review feels unbalanced to me spending a lot of unnecessary time on the campaign and then quickly rushing through the multiplayer elements with an oddly named 'in depth analysis which I count a whole 46 words on the cornerstone GoW PVP mode. What I found particularly surprising is that there isn't even a single mention of the game's controversial micro transactions which use a similar pricing structure to free to play games despite it being a full priced AAA title and cripples the normal progression system. I've seen some argue that it's because it's 'free' through Game Pass but Game Pass isn't a free service so this shouldn't be treated as free game either. On top of that the game is very thin in content for both characters and maps.

The Horde mode is my main interest in Gears and after all it's the one that called the gametype 'horde' which has generally caught on, while there are some improvements from last the game to make it more character dependent again rather than relying on sentries plus skill cars are no longer in loot boxes they've unfortunately not done a very good of it. I've never liked the 50 wave Horde mode and was pleased when they brought in faster 25 wave modes but unfortunately those have been completely forgotten and the problematic 50 wave mode is the only way to play it. Taking away some of the character specialisation is a good idea as it's more fun being able to do a role of your choosing but enforcing no duplicates despite allowing it with the higher specialisations in the previous game and worse yet the way they handle it is to randomly choose one of the duplicates and change them to a random character. Better yet if someone else then chooses another duplicate you can get randomly kicked to another character as well so go from a high class character you've a lot skill cards with to playing a level 1 character you've never played which tends to kick of a series of rampant quitting and it's back to the start again. Then you find your Jack is level 1, you can't go him due to the stupid duplicate rules, no-one is getting revived and everyone quits again...I guess that is the staple gameplay of the GoW Horde system to be fair.

As for players who liked the previous games finding this one great, I have to disagree. Thanks to the severe technical problems, design issues, dull campaign and deliberately crippled progression system my Gears friends and I have given up on the game already and waiting for TC to fix these problems is likely a fool's errand given their glacial pace with Gears 4 and their recent flippant response problems and how they're going to handle them or as the case is, not handle them at all.

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