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Long time lurker, this site is so full of knowledge I usually find all my answers without registering and asking but this time I've decided to join!

I have a Gateway Laptop (ML6227b) and since, what seems like forever, my battery lasts on average of 8 minutes from fully charged to turned off!

I have looked about and it seems that the Gateway machines are known to have poor battery life...

Any idea what causes it and if its fixable?

The battery is model no: SQU-412. I have re-calibrated it and it predicted it to have battery energy storage capability of 297mAh (it says on the battery 4800mAh!) and after calibration it predicted 508mAh (still over 4k less than it says! Help :(


Of course I have gone through all the settings in power and have it set to power saver, screen brightness reduced etc. but this makes little or no difference in the 7-9 minutes life I get out of a charge ;)

Is it basically dead? Seems so...

Cheers guys n gals!


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How long have you had the laptop + battery, batteries can often lose life after periods of time and prolonged use/heat. You should be able to pick up a replacement battery that will give you more time on battery if the battery life is important to you, though I have no idea where the best place to get one from is, google brings up a lot of results but of places I have never used.

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