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Ive got a Nuvi 300 which works brilliant and so did the mount which has been no problems till the recent hot weather we've had.

Ive tried removing the mount yesterday and found the rubber is welded to my windscreen now :eek: so ive not continued removing it as it would not doubt not work after as its pulling the rubber to pieces !

anyone else had this problem i dont know if i should email nuvi about it as its still in its 12 months warranty and if its made for going abroad which it is it should withstand weather hotter than we've had recently.

I know theres another post about Nuvi mounts but thats about them not sticking onto the window not being permantly welded there like mine ;)


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I have a nuvi 350 and recently got back from Italy where one day it was 41 degrees C and it didn't weld to the windscreen then - not sure if it was in direct sun all day though! Have you tried getting something sharp under the edge to see if it's really welded on? :confused:


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Ive not tried getting anything sharp on it but i have got it to pull away from the window abit at the top so you can see the glass behind and theres melted rubber onto the window :(

Ive never been out of uk so its only the recent hot weather we've had thats caused it too as ive took it of the window many times before with no problems previous it did grip on good but not to point of leaving bits of rubber back stuck on the glass.


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Have you got a fisherman friend who would give you some thin fishing line? You might be able to get it behind the rubber and ease it down like a cheese wire. Failing that I did see mounts for sale in the local Halfords (who stock the Nuvi) for around twenty quid. Good luck.


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Try a razor blade (carefully!) flush to the screen and use a sawing motion. A hairdrier/heatgun on low may help it instead.



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