Garmin Nuvi 300, POI's and A Mac

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    I have just purchased a Nuvi 300, and very good it is as well. However I have a problem with POI's because I use a Mac.
    I know Garmin are working on Mac support, one of the reasons why I bought the Nuvi 300, but it won't be ready until the end of the year as I understand it.
    Therefore I can't use the POI Loader. Is there anyway to get POI's onto a Nuvi using a Mac? Or do I have to find a friend that uses MS and get them loaded that way?
    I have set up a folder on my desktop with loads of POI's and I can attach the Nuvi to my desktop and copy the POI's onto the Nuvi but it's no surprise that they don't show up on the Nuvi once I disconnect and use it.
    Any ideas or thoughts greatfully received.

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