Garmin nuvi 205/255WT or TomTom One XL?


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I'm after a sat nav for my dad for christmas and after doing a bit of research it seems that its a toss up between either the Garmin 205/255wt or the TomTom One XL?

Budget is really no more than £150 so these models are priced about right for me. Feature wise, it seems both the Garmin and the TomTom are near enough the same? The TomTom is a little cheaper, has it been around a bit longer than the Garmin?

European maps are not a necessity so the Garmin 205 would be ok, the 255 doesn't seem to be much more though, are there any other advantages with the 255 or is it just the addition of European maps?

Finally, it definitely needs to be easy to update with latest maps and definitely needs to be able to update speed cameras easily? I assume both the Garmin and the TomTom have these features?

One other thing I have seen is that a few places have a Garmin nuvi 255W which is cheaper than the 255WT, what does the T model add? They both look the same, is it traffic updates? and if so is this a worthwhile feature?

So, which should I go for, the TomTom One XL (around £120) or the Garmin nuvi 205/255wt (£130-140). Or is there a better alternative under £150?



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IMO the tom tom is the simplest and easiest to read/use, I have had a few different brands of sat nav (tom tom, garmin, navman) and find the tom tom hands down wins every time.

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Don't go for the tom tom XL. I have one and the BIG problem with it is that it keeps zooming to the close range setting. It is very ANNOYING.
If you want to zoom out to see the bigger picture, it decides to zoom back in again. Also it won't navigate "North up". very annoying when travelling South for example.:mad:

Go with the Garmin.:smashin:

I have just replaced the XL with a Garmin 250W, cost me £111. from Amazon

If anyone wants to buy a boxed Tom Tom one XL, I have one going cheap.
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