Garmin Nuvi 200/250/270 - Mains charging display on screen


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I have just purchased a nuvi 270 and I have an old Motorola phone charger with the same mini usb connection and correct output for Nuvi (5v). When I connect the charger to the Nuvi, the Nuvi shows a PC icon on screen - is this the usual symbol for charging via mains ?

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Probably not. I have a nuvi250. I use the supplied charging cable (cigar plug on one end) It does not show a PC symbol. I had to buy a further cable to connect the nuvi to a PC (for updating it) Why are you not using the supplied cable for charging?


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The unit can be used on foot as well as in the car, with the obvious effect of eventually draining the batteries. I would not want to leave the unit in the car to recharge if it, when you can use a mains charger instead.

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