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Hi I want to buy the nuvi 250 but I am getting conflicting information on the product.Some sites say you can use a usb cable/port to update the unit and they sell the cable,other sites say it has NO usb port and can't be updated.

Which is correct? or are there 2x nuvi 250 models one updateable ,one not.

thanks for any help

regards Jim

EDIT: never noticed the mini usb ,thanks


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Looking at the Nuvi 250 manual it is not supplied with a USB cable but has a mini USB socket on the back. As the Garmin web site also lists a firmware download for the Nuvi 250 it is safe to assume you can download to it!

You just need a mini USB cable.

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I have the nuvi 250 and toured Scotland for 5 weeks and then France. It generally works well. The socket on it is used for powering it in use from a car cigar-lighter socket and for charging its internal battery (while in use or when the car is not in use) (as long as the ignition switch is in a position whereby the cigar socket is "live". That same socket on the nuvi is used to connect a special cable to a PC (standard USB plug on one end). This special cable does not come with the nuvi - so you have to buy it separatly. I did so and have used it to upgrade (free) to the latest operating system.

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