Gardners! Shaping a Photinia Red Robin?


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When we moved in to our house about three years ago, we replaced the massively grown, old hedge (box hedge if I remember right) with a few young Photinia Red Robins. I was weary of doing much to them until now because I just wanted them to grow; they've done this quite well now and are pretty much my height and have spread out nicely as well.

The issue now (before I do any shaping / pruning) is that they haven't grown 'right' - the branches are more spread out than I'd want them to be, ideally they should be growing more upwards and less sideways, and some of the branches are reaching over the small nearby brick wall, and so on.

I'm thinking of trying to control/support them by using some sort of poles and wire (like you would with grapevine for example) running along inside the hedge, pretty much alongside the main stems. Would that be the best way? Any practical suggestions for what kind of poles and wire to use (something fairly subtle ideally)?

Thank you :)

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