Garden Room - help a beginner, to projector or not to projector, that is the question


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i can't wait - i've never experienced any surround sound (outside a cinema), i think even the wife is getting interested now, she can't wait to watch the F1 on the setup.

Day 2 done - wiring/cabling done, plasterboard in, bifolds in


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Somehow, me thinks there will be a lot of movies watched in this room as blu-ray surround sound is much better than F1

One film to test it is swordfish, its old and the surround sound for my ears is a standout as the sound comes from everywhere and pans around the room. It's an 18 and quite violent, so not to be watched when kids are around



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So, room built! Minor issue with builder starting to cut the atmos holes in the wrong place but made good. Next week, painting and networking!


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