Garage to home cinema conversion


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Hi guy's I've had my garage converted in to a home cinema roughly 9' x 18'.
System includes ......
Epson tw9400
Seymour av 90" electric tab tensioned acoustic transparent screen.
Oppo udp-205
Arcam fmj av860
Ati at4007 power amp
Nakamichi avp1 power amp
Amazon firebox
Sky q mini
Van damme blue speaker cable
Sanus cfr2127 rack

It's been nearly 5 months or so in the making as had to wait for a family member to help as he's in the building trade.
Here's some pics from start to finish.
Also a big thanks to Allan @idealav for advice on the projector and screen advice.


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Also to add....
Monitor audio gold 300 s
Monitor audio gold 350 Centre
2 x pairs of monitor audio gold fx rears
Svs sb4000 sub
2 x pairs monitor audio C265-IDC ceiling speakers


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Sorry for the pics being in the wrong order I'm still getting to grips putting pics on here !


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very nice, good job :smashin:


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Excellent effort my friend. Fantastic use of what seems to be quite a tight space and very well finished.

john connor

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Did you leave the front garage door on and build infront of it? Im looking at doing a conversìon but if i take garage door away and brick up with a window all sorts of expenses build up. Plus building regs


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Love it! What's the rationale for putting the windows in? Aesthetics for the outside?
Sorry for the very late response..... Yes we put the windows in for fire security purposes and incase we ever moved house..... New owners would obviously prefer windows in the room.


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No the garage door was taken off..... And all properly bricked up as should be.!....
Windows were not needed but were put in for fire security purposes and incase we ever move as obviously new owners will prefer windows in the room...... Bloc blinds were used over the windows and must say are excellent.


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Really nice job, well done. As i have said on many occasions a far better use for a garage than putting a car in it.

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