Garage Re-Conversion!!! With a twist!


It looks brilliant mate, I bet you are well chuffed with it.


Looks well cool, shame you just cannot fit a Breakin' and Beat Street poster in there somewhere :)


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Do you ever get any problems with noise from your neighbours?

I've just bought a house with a garage conversion that I intend to turn in to the cinema room but i'm a bit worried about the noise levels as most garages are just single lined bricks. It would be a shame if I have to turn it down! :)

AV Happy

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:eek:That looks truly amazing, i thought my room was brightly coloured until i saw yours. Great job, i love it really original


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Cheers lads. It is an acquired taste but yeah really happy with the finished look

Regarding neighbours I think we got looky, this is a double dettached garage shared with our neighbours, they both got the same extension which resulted in another garage being put at the front of the house leaving this one closed off as a garden building. They use theirs as a shed and obviously youve seen what weve done with ours :) I did sound proof using multi layers of insulation and had no complaints in three years


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Quality!! All you need now are some Air Jordans and an Adidas tracksuit and you are in like flynn :smashin:

I love the 80's grafitti theme, proper original and stylish. Kudos to you :thumbsup:


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That room looks smart mate.

If it's not a rude question, how much would one expect to pay for a 'commision' like that?

Feel free to tell me to mind my own business, I won't be offended:)

I only ask as we've painted one external all of our house a bright blue colour and when I showed my wife your art work we both decided we'd like to explore the possibility of having something done on our wall at home.


Andy Brown


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Hi Paul.

Thanks for the info. That is very reasonable indeed.




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Found this from your sale thread. Just a note to say i love your room, i have a detached garage and this has given me some ideas.. :thumbsup:

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Good write up, lovely room and another local (Stockton here)..



Definitely a conversion with a twist! Not sure I'd be able to concentrate on a film though with that catching the reflections. A tad distracting there but each to their own. At least your showing something different. Mucho respecto :smashin:

richard plumb

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what are your measurements inside? We have a single garage currently converted to a playroom but it also has the stairs protruding into it, so I'm not sure it'd be long enough for a cinema room/den type thing.


I'm happy to share the people who did it are graffiti 4 hire the artwork including design was 295 we also had to pay 50 for them to travel to Middlesbrough from Birmingham . It's not cheap nut it's not expensive either when you think of the price of a canvas or similar wall paper, plus it's your unique design.


Your setup looks superb.

Have you or could you pm me the number for the people that did your artwork? I am wanting to do something similar quite soon.


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