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Garage/projector room set up


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Im currently planning to set my garage up with the following:

Xbox 360
Blu/HD player

I had a vision of having projector behind the seating, with a long rgb cable (as I was told it provides better picture than Av cable) which connects to a multi channel/input selector box thing which then hooks onto various sources.

I just want to know whether this is achievable - main question being the channel selector thing.

I was hoping to maybe use an old unused amp and speaker set with this as well but not sure where to include it

I have sketched of what I am trying to achieve,



  • garage setup.JPG
    garage setup.JPG
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Andrew K

Preferably you need to build in an AV Receiver and speakers - whilst you can get projectors with speakers you will be disappointed with the sound.

The AV Receiver can then take care of all the switching as well. Use HDMI rather than the RGB cable.


Make a new PJ your first priority then.;)


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For this to work you'll need to use the (missing) white and red connections from the top of your switch to feed your amp. The picture you show has composite video going into the switch, then RGB coming out: This would require something far more complicated (read expensive) as it would need to convert interlaced composite video into progressive RGB. A cheap device that could do this would likely be very poor quality.

Unfortunately this is the lowest quality video connection you could possibly use, so the image quality will be poor. Even if you could convert this signal to RGB it will still be poor as once the signal has dropped down to composite no amount of post processing will save it.

I'd suggest having a look in the forum classifieds since you may well get a 720p projector for a few hundred pounds that will have a HDMI input. This will be much easier to link up with your XBox and BluRay player, if need be you can get a very cheap HDMI switch that will allow you to change the source to the projector.

One last point is that the projector screen in your picture looks like a 4:3 shape, ie not widescreen. Unless you plan on watching lots of old 4:3 films I'd suggest getting a 16:9 one since you'll have big black bars especially if you watch a 2.40:1 aspect film (ie many of the modern films).


I hadn't realised that the device on the right is trying to switch only composite video from the games machine and BR player to the PJ, and clearly that's hardly worth doing even if it were possible.
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Cheap RGBs switch. Something like this is what you have drawn but keeps the quality higher

Amazon.com: Vanco 280322 RGB Component/Composite Audio/Video Selector Switch: Electronics

As long as you have the RGBs cable for your Xbox and BR this means you can use all your existing kit.

Then just stack up some phono Y splits for the audio send to the amp if necessary, probably not though.


Thinking about it you don't even need that.

Use the one you have, RGB goes into it then you switch the source to the projector. The colours don't mean anything you can put RGB through this its simply a phono selector.

Then for audio from you devices plug these straight into the old amp you have. If it has 3 inputs easy, other wise you can stack the phono's

Very cheap option then

Make sense to you?
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I still don't think this will help the OP since I don't know of a player that gives an RGB (progressive) output. It's hard to find a BluRay player with component outputs now anyway (YCrCb) and this doesn't directly 'convert' to RGB without some kind of video processor. Even a DVD player with an RGB scart output isn't going to work since this is interlaced. The other limiting factor is that the RGB input on the projector is likely to be 60Hz only, which will create bad judder if used with UK PAL DVDs and 1080/24p BluRays.

Sure, you'll have a big picture, but will you want to watch it for long?


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Yeah failed to realise he was actually talking about RGB signal. Just spotted the VGA cable. Had assumed he was using RGB in the terms of colours of his phono outs, based on the information he provided.

Then assuming the RGB on his projector he referred to was component.


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thanks guys,

the RGB splitter would be ideal but like suggested, bluray player wont have that connection. The most obvious route is to connect everything via Av/component cables but was trying to avoid that for picture quality reasons.

And before I managed to get this projector, I had a look for second hand hdmi projectors but I didn't want to spend much as its only for the garage and was afraid it may get damaged from the cold etc.

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