Garage Extension for Home Cinema:-)


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Hi all,

this is my first HC so be gentle!

I am extending my garage to have a decent sized HC room. It will be same build as the garage ie single concrete block construction but i will line it with plaster board nailed onto batons with rockwool insulation.
The floor will similarly battened but insulated with cellotex and boarded with ply.
I plan to carpet the whole room, including the roof with black deep pile carpet and the floor will have good thick underlay too.
Lighting wise i plan on using halogen spots with a remote control dimmer. We have a Wand Remote(a la Dragons Den
) in the house and this will be smart in the HC sat on a little table between the front seats controlling play, pause, volume, FF, RW and the dimming of the lights:thumbsup:

Now the question is what to buy for the screen? OHProjector? Large Plasma? 3D? :lease:

The amp....and the Bluray player...i may use the ones i have- a Pana BD55 that outputs directly to my Cambridge audio amp Azur 540r MK1 and will probably use my Aego T5.1 speaker set up from my lounge. But is there an argument to buy new?...:confused:

Any thoughts /comments welcomed!




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Good idea but...
I think you should check if you have to apply for any permissions (planning and building) before starting as your changing your garage to a habitable dwelling.
Also unless you are an electrician you can't do any electrical work IE new ring mains, fuse box, lights etc.
I don't think I would go with a carpeted ceiling and halogens:eek:


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Fair point about the carpet on the ceiling, will ensure not to carpet too close the the light fitting! I will see how hot the plaster board gets in my kitchen to judge how far to leave carpet free.
Planning permission I have checked out, and the electrics will be done by my mate who's an electrician.

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