Garage conversion on a budget!


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Evening gentlemen,
I thought I'd post a few photos of how my cinema build is going.
Please go easy on me, I know its far from perfect and not much compared to some of the setups on here but I've had a tight budget to work with, I've done everything myself so far and still have a long way to go until finished.
Most of this build is using materials that I've had to hand to keep the costs down and as I said I'm doing it myself so pretty much winging it. lol
I'd love feedback and suggestions to help / inspire as this project continues to grow.
This first photo is how the room ( converted garage ) started out.


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As I was trying to keep the costs down instead of getting the walls plastered I ended up getting some thick lining paper and painted it black.

As you can see in one of the photos I had a cupboard at the back of the room, I was planning on using this as a media cupboard with ventilation as it also housed the boiler but unfortunately I ended up having to remove this as it was taking up too much room and was right in the way of where I needed to place one of the rear speakers.


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I was browsing Facebook market place and came across an older Atacama stand, I was surprised it was still on Marketplace due to the seller only wanting £10.
In the summer I may spray the stand black as it has a few scratches etc but for £10 that wasn't going to bother me.


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My initial idea was to have a 100" audio transparent screen in front of the window, I made a blackout
"blind" with some thin timber and an old blackout curtain. From the inside it doesn't look great but it does the job. From the outside it just looks like one very straight curtain.

I made some speaker stands for the front soundstage but after the realisation that it was going to be quite a long time until I can afford to purchase the screen and a projector I decided to make new stands that would allow me to move my 65" LG in to the room.
I also made a support across the window so I could mount the tv to it using the 2x4 timber from the cupboard.

I know this doesn't look very attractive but its functional and when the lights are turned out you cant see it. lol
Also the radiator isn't in use, I'll move it before the I sort the screen out.


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So this is the stage I'm at now, I've made some acoustic panels, still need to make a few more for the ceiling and side walls.

I decided as I'm going to be working from home I would make a space for my computer at the rear of the room, I'm going to mount the computer monitor on the wall to free up space on the desk and to generally look nicer. The AV processor is also connected to this monitor as its a gaming monitor so will be nicer/easier when wanting to just play a game for 20mins or so.

I still need to sort the cable management out as you can see from one of the photos as some wires are still just hanging but this will be one of the final steps when I come to doing all of the touch up bits.

I've put some LED lights and coving up on one side of the room, still need to do the other as yet.
I've also laid the carpet, "not very well" nothing that some beading wont hide. lol

The 4x Monitor audio c180 speakers are now in the ceilings for Atmos and the ceiling has been painted black.



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As you can see from the last few photos this is where I'm at now, I still have loads to do, I know it doesn't look pretty but eventually all of the front will be behind an audio transparent screen. The sub is to be relocated, its just there as its out of the way of me working. It may well stay there if that's where it sounds best but time will tell.
I have lighting from Philips hue but still to get round to installing them.

The TV is only temporary until I get the screen and projector.

To do/to buy:

Audio transparent screen
Bass shakers and amp
New sofa
Power amp
potentially another pb 2000
probably more but off the top of my head i cant think. lol

Also I'd like to say a big thanks to @kbfern for putting me on to the Monolith THX speakers, and having a chat about home audio. I genuinely couldn't be happier with them. I've heard speakers well over double their price and these in my opinion sound better ( maybe a tad bias ) lol

If anyone has any suggestions or think I should change anything please let me know as at this point I can still easily change anything.

Thank you

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