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Hello all

Old man has had a new concrete garage built to replace his old wooden one from the 1990s.

And also a friend of his has had his almost new Triumph motorbike stolen.

So he wants 4 camera CCTV for the garage inside, with one camera at each end, and one outside at both ends covering both the ways in.

It also needs to have the recorder in the house as the guys who stole his mates triumph took the bike, the locks and the chains, so the insurance is current refusing to pay out.

Needs to have the usual app and alerts functions as well.

He knows a sparky who can do all the install work.

The question is

Which system?
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So what is it you are asking? You want advice? You want an installer? You want a quote? Help us a little here please


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Easiest thing would be a PoE system. 4 PoE cameras around the garage connected to a switch in the garage and then a single Ethernet cable to the house. If you don't know what you are doing then get a professional in.

BTW, CCTV isn't the worlds best determinant, get an alarm fitted as well.

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