Gaps in freeview audio


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Hi All

Probably my first post if not first for a long long time.

Just moved to an area with Freeview reception and bought a cheap Tesco stb to "test" the aerial. Reception seems to be great (near as dammit 100% signal), picture is great on all channels but...

...on all channels (tv and radio) tried so far there are often gaps in the audio. Normally not more than a second or so but annoying nonetheless, especially at critical moments in whodunnits!

Sometimes the gap is longer and flicking channels and back seems to clear it so my suspicion is the stb (Tesco Technika somethingorother).

Never having experienced Freeview before I just wondered if this is most likely the stb or buffering at the transmitter end - we're receiving from the Sandy transmitter in Beds - and figured this is the best place to ask.

Any thoughts much appreciated before I make a twit of myself taking the stb back!



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There is no "buffering" as such.

If there is a noticeable click when you get such a droput, then this could be interference in the reception. Or, you could have a bad physical connection between the box and the TV.


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Thanks folks. No audible clicks but am pursuing that avenue by trying various combinations of connections. If that fails then at least I'm fairly sure it's the stb then.

Ta everso.

Chris Muriel

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Try a full reset followed by a rescan of stations/channels.
There have been some recent channel changes that resulted in sound problems on some PVRs (until rescanned).

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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