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I'm looking to buy an iPod or similar device. I've heard that if you rip a CD where the tracks flow together seamlessly without any gaps in-between (for example, a DJ mix CD) and play them back on these devices you get a brief (and annoying) gap between the individual songs. The only computer music player I've come across which is able to playback the mp3 files properly is Winamp, using the option to remove silence and setting the 'buffer-ahead on track change' function. This leads to smooth transitions between the tracks as though the album or mix was being played back properly on a CD player. I don't want to resort to what Apple offers as a solution which is to rip the whole CD as one track and would much prefer individual tracks of each song.

Does anyone know if the new iPods or any other music players (such as the Creative Labs Zen) can play back songs without these gaps? Also, do any portable music players work with Winamp?

Thanks for any help you can give.
The gaps between tracks is part of MP3 and cannot be completely removed. The only encoding that I know of that is truely gapless is Ogg Vorbis, but this is not compatable with an iPod.
I use an iRiver IHP-120 that is the equivelent to a 20Gb iPod that I got from Amazon for £244.99 or you can now get the IHP-140 that is a 40Gb version. This does work with OGG files and IMHO is a great player and the battery lasts about twice as long (up to 16 hours) as an iPod. You can also set it to play Winamp playlists.

Full details from the iRiver web site Here


ps not tried the gapless ripping so don't know how well it works.

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