Gap Bewteen Stud Wall and Existing Wall

Tom @ Cinehome

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I have built a stud wall 6 inches away from an exsiting stone wall, not atatched to it at all.

I need to soundproof it. What is the best thing to do with this cavity ? Fill it with sand / wicks slabs / leave it empty / other ?

Many thanks


Peter Parker

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Rockwool is normaly used for soundproofing stud walls, but they generaly have an inch gap between the existing wall. You could try gluing Wickes high density slabs to the brick wall, then filling the rest of the cavity with ordinary rockwool slabs.

Is this for a cinema room or similar?



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Just been pricing up some loft insulation/soundproofing and Rockwool slabs come in at around £6 to £9 ex VAT per sq metre. So filling a 6in gap will be quite expensive.

I think you'd get good results by just filling the depth of the studs in the new wall with RW45 or RW3 slab and leaving the air space empty.

Tom @ Cinehome

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Thanks for the replies.

It is the back of a cupboard holding the equipment part of which is open to the cinema room.

I think I will try insulating the cavity with wickes slabs and rockwool and do the stud cavity with slab also.


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