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In my room currently got a LCD 20" BEKO that I got cheap a couple of years ago (nonHD) wish I had held out a bit longer to be honest!!!

Anyway, use it mainly for Xbox360, not sure how much bigger I can go for my bedroom to be honest, any recommendations for a HD LCD probably 26" at the maximum, budget of about £300-£350 I suppose, thinking of getting a PS3 as well at some point in the future, like I said it is mainly used for gaming, with the occasional football match on freeview.

Thanks in advance


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Just had a little look at Richer Sounds website to find out what is availablie, I found the following three that took my fancy:

Philips 23PF5321 23" £250
LG 26LC2R 26" £300
Samsung LE23R71 23" £300

Any good? some are on clearance, like I said 26" at the most, I think I am torn between the last two. 23" might fit better I suppose


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The only one i would recommend out of those three is the Samsung.

A couple friends just bought the same TVs from Richer Sounds and they are really happy.

Im Sure you wouldnt be dissapointed


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in terms..of the three you picked out...i would definitely buy the samsung one..nice price..and i have seen this same or similiar model (maybe larger screen) being used all over stores etc for the xbox 360 when it launched..i believe that when it launched they had a agreement to use these models for displaying the x360 (or something like that)....i personally don't like the way it looks that much becaue of the gloss...

whatever you do do not but the first one (philips)..its DVI port and more of a monitor then tv

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