Gaming TV; budget 400


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Hey all,

I guess it's fair to say that i have no idea about TVs. My parents bought my current one and now my nan plans on buying it off of me, so i need to figure out what TV i should buy.

I mainly use my TV for gaming, as the topic title would suggest, and that i also have a budget of 400. I would rather have people recommend me TVs as appose to going in store and viewing them, i will do that too but i still need knowledge from others.

A quick Google browse and i came up with three TV's; LG LD490, Song Bravia CX523, and the Panasonic Viera E30. I'd like to note these were the TVs that got highest ratings on a few TV rating sites, such as CNET.


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Do you want it to be plasma, LED or LCD? If so do you want extra's like 3D and it to be a Smart TV?
You could probably get these features in a TV around that price range.

Personally I would go LED over LCD, but that's a personal preference having moved on from an LCD to an LED, now I am looking to make the step to a 3D LED screen for my gaming and my budget is currently around £200 more than yours. But I am finding multiple sets for a lower price point.


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I have no idea what SmartTV is. I'm not entirely convinced that 3D would be amazing for such a low price, therefore i'm not really bothered by the two. I don't know what one is better suited for gaming out of LED and LCD, i believe i read somewhere it doesn't fully matter between these to.


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The LG is an old model, so you may struggle to find one new from a reputable retailer for a sensible price

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