gaming through an all in one??




I am looking to purcahse a Sony all in one system and wondered if you have any recommendations? I was looking at the 550.
What I want to know is can I run a PS2 thro this and watch the tele in Pro Logic?



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I have a DAVS-880 which is the big brother of the 550. I think the inputs are the same at the back and if this is the case then you can play your PS2 thru it.

The video 1 input will take phono and video jacks so you can receive a stereo signal. If this is a Pro-Logic signal then you will have to tell the system to interpret it as such. The better solution is to utilise the standard video input and optical audio input for Video 1 and connect it to the optical output of the PS2. The system will then decode the signal for you and will even allow you to play Dolby Digital games (GTA-Vice City is one).

The Video 2 input will take standard phono plugs so you could output your tv through those. I did for a while, but got too bored with having to select Video 2 every time I wanted to watch tv and then having to juggle the volumes on the system and the amp.

Of course if the inputs on the 550 differ from the 880, then none of this applies!

FWIW the newer Sony DAVS systems have RGB output which is, I believe, better than the S-video output of the 550/880. I'd have a look at those. That said, I prefer the look of the older DAVS systems.


Ok. Can assist here as i have one.

Video 2 supports optical and analogue inputs. So you can plug your TV in through the analogue phono plugs and the playstation through analogue or digital (optical.) Video 1 has just analogue in and vide 2 has both analogue and digital.

You can use dolby pro logic 2 or pro logic to decode your TV audio out and it works great (especially with the sub)

The s550 has superior sound quality for the value of the system and they are getting harder to find as they are being replaced with the SC5 (SC models.) These are basically the same with a face lift (which i don't like) but have RGB scart output (such as the SC5)

On the s550 you don't have scart out but you have component out which can offer better quality but isn't widely supported so you will probably have to use s-video or composite output. S video reccomended and the picture quality is great for me and although i am using composite at the moment, i find that to be fine (small TV)

Hope that helps

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