Gaming Setup - PS3 Surround Sound?


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Hi all, ive recently purchased a PS3 to replace my dead xbox and am looking for a good headphone setup for playing FPS eg COD. A colleague at work swears by a turtle beach setup that is 7.1 surround IIRC, however I already have a set of Sennheiser HD 25SP1 and was wondering if there is a preamp or similar to enable me get a good experience (hearing players sneaking up on me, breathing after running etc) utilising my exsisting Sennheisers. Excuse my ignorance but the 25SP sound awesome when listening to music so thought they would be a good base for gaming. Any suggestions welcome.



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Personally I game with a stereo 2.0 pair of Sennheiser 485's and I find I can get directional clarity just fine without a surround setup. It is more pronounced in certain games (ones with Miles 3D sound, or Dolby Virtual etc) but it is there all the same. Maybe give your current setup a try to see how they sound and then see maybe if your colleague will allow you to preview his or maybe if you are lucky lend them to you for a comparison.

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