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Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by BigFloppyBanana, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Hi Guys,

    Need to replace my horrendously outdated tv.

    I want a Vizio P series but as I'm in the UK it seems that is near impossible.

    Looking at a 55" or maybe 60" - Main use is gaming, also watch a lot of movies through my console...

    As the title suggests I've been looking at these three models - Samsung JU7500, JU6800 or JU6400, I've checked out and had a deep look at lag tests etc, with I've generally assumed that the JU7500 is the best allrounder.

    JU6400 was put in merely for it's near perfect ratings on motion blur and cheaper price tag

    As for the JU6800 I'm slightly confused, it has few reviews - no mentions on rtings, however it is apparently a newer model from what I can tell from the samsung website and it features Nano Crystal Technology which I'm pretty sure is ahead of the others? Only problem is I can't find information on the TV so I can't find lag / gaming info in order to help me make a decision.

    Any guidance on the matter would really be appreciated - Thanks :)

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