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Hello all! First post here, Scan's free delivery promotion is tempting :D Being a first time PC builder, I would really appreciate your opinions about this system. I know some of these parts are overkill, such as 850W PSU maybe?, but I want to leave room for upgrades and make it future-proof as much as it can be in my budget (which is around £2000 with monitor and peripherals). A specific question is, will I be able to fit that 200mm fan in Storm Enforcer's top fan area when Corsair's H80 is plugged in?


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You probably want a full sized ATX motherboard with 7 slots rather than the 4 slot Micro ATX one you've specified for maximum future options.

You haven't gone into your priorities but you are spending an awful lot on extras there, you'd get almost the same game performance from a more focused £1000 system, so it's worth considering if you actually want them or whether the money could be saved or better spent elsewhere


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Yeah you're right about motherboard, actually a friend recommended it and since I had no idea what I was doing I just picked that one. I was thinking to buy Maximus Formula before. Can you please comment on that one? It seems fine since I will use the pc for mostly gaming and it has gaming related features. Here's the link:
Asus MAXIMUS V FORMULA ROG Intel Z77 Socket 1155 Motherboard -

For the extras, I will overclock my CPU eventually, that's H80 is for but I may just go for a H60. And 850W PSU is for SLI, I'll probably buy a second GPU in next year. Is there anything else you referred as extra?

Last of all, I'm not sure if installing games on SSD makes too much difference or not, since I've never used one. I first picked a 120GB one for OS and starting apps but later, when I was under my budget I've changed it with a 480GB one. I can change it to 120GB but I just don't know what to spend that money on :rolleyes:


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Stuff like expensive motherboards and £75 CPU coolers are often just for keen overclockers who must get the last couple of hundred megahertz out of the chip. If you just want to bump it for a bit of free performance than a ~£25 cooler and cheaper Z77 motherboard should handle that fine. For example Tom's hardware got 4.7Ghz out of an £90 P8Z77-V LX and a £35 Thermalright MUX-120. More expensive motherboards can give you extra ports and the like, although it is somewhat limited by the few spare PCI-E lanes on the Z77 chip.

The GTX 670 looks like an expensive model, you can now get them for £290, so is whatever extra it's offering worth the money compared to cheaper 670s or is it just an older model still at the RRP?

16GB of memory is likely to be useless for gaming, many games are still using 32-bit executables for compatibility with the 32-bit version of Vista and Seven which limits than to 2GB memory use on a 32-bit OS and 4GB on a 64-bit OS so you could save another £40 there and go for 8GB - it'll be less than the price of a single game to add more in future in the unlikely event you do need it and a 30 second job.

The SSD will give you little advantage for games because generally the only time they read from disk is when loading levels so you're only looking at reducing loading times by 25-50%. You could quite easily go for a 120GB one and just install the games where fast loading matters or the odd exception that does more disk use (e.g. Rage and it's megatexture system).

As to what to spend it on, what about a triple monitor and/or 3d setup? Or a nice set of controllers? or a good solid desk that won't flex when you get angry and thump it after a loss? Or a nice comfy chair?


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Looks ok but I'm not sure dropping £300 on an one SSD is a great idea the way prices are falling and 250GB drives cost half that much, you got the 1TB already and that money could go into any number of things. The GTX 670 does seem expensive too

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