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Hi need help. Want to get a gaming pc on a budget. Have seen bundles on line but want to know if these will work or any advice be great. I have no idea about gaming pc’s.

Have seen this pre built bundle.
AMD a10-9700 quad core
Ryzen 5 3200g 4.0ghz vega 11
16gb (2x8) 3200mhz ddr4
Adata su630 480gb ssd

I have read that the ryzen 5 have some sort of built in graphics but if I got a low end graphics card does that enhance want is already built in to it ??
the graphics card thinking of getting is the GeForce gtx 1030 Or spending a bit extra to get the gtx 1650 super.

another thing is should I get extra storage? I have a stream account with about 4 or 5 games I want to play.
I like the total war games like Rome 2, thrones of brittania

I know it’s a low end budget pc but I need to start somewhere


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Both the A10-9700 and Ryzen 3200G are CPUs so I suspect there's an error in the listing of that bundle. You can't make a PC with two wildly different CPUs.

The 3200G is acceptable but I wouldn't bother with the older A10-9700 these days.

Any of AMD's current (Ryzen) models ending in a G like the 3200G or 5300G have integrated Graphics, which includes some Ryzen 5 models but not others.

AMD did develop a hybrid crossfire setup between integrated graphics and an AMD graphics card (later called dual graphics IIRC). Crossfire and SLI setups have generally fallen out of favour among game developers and it doesn't seem to be supported on newer hardware.

Best to assume any graphics card will be a complete replacement and not affected by your integrated graphics.

Generally developers have set the bar for the most demanding games around the 1650 level with the 1030 level cards generally looking like a poor option. But there's been a lot of upheaval in the last two or three years with the cryptocurrency demand and pandemic manufacturing shortages so it's hard to predict what level currently in development games will end up targeting when things settle back down.

Half a terabyte is a reasonable amount of storage, and should have no problem with 5 random games. It's easy enough to drop in a second drive in future.


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I could of easily have typed something up wrong. So thanks for the correction. I know I don’t know much about pcs so any advice is great thank you

ok I will aim to go for the minimum graphic cards1650



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I wouldn't be in any hurry to buy any graphics card during the current madness. In normal times a GTX 1650 level card is £120-130ish, they're often going for £200 or more at the moment.


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I haven’t brought any thing yet. Just trying to find out info cos there are so many different components. I know I’m trying to do it on a budget to start of with.
I could get a graphic card when the madness has died down a bit. Will the graphics on the ryzen 5 3200g be ok to start with? As said before I like the total war games like Rome 2.
Anything prob better then the old laptop I’m using now.

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