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Hey everyone. I'm looking into getting my wife a gaming laptop. I know a pc Is obviously better. But she is a light to medium gamer and wants something smaller that she can move around with.

I'm looking at a budget roughly around $600-$800 U.S. I maybe waiting until black Friday cyber Monday to see if I can get a cheaper deal on maybe even a regularly priced better $1200 option.

The main things I need it to do is basic web surfing. Some graphics work to run her cricket. The main games would be Minecraft with mods, emulators for older consoles. The most demanding game would possibly be GTA V.

I want to be able to run 1080 but the AAA games don't necessarily need to have to run on high or epic setting. However I would like them to be playable and still look good. I would like to have some form of ssd, and at least 1tb HDD. I'm also looking for something I might be able to upgrade in then future.

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Agree, you won't get new for that price range that will play games properly.


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Being a European site it's difficult for us to recommend anything for you in the US other than the usual Amazon, Newegg, retailers etc... Although the Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, ASUS, refurb sites might be worth a look.

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