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Feb 23, 2010
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a friend is after a gaming laptop for xmas and has asked for advice

i'm more of a console gamer, though managed to choose a decent gaming pc rig for my daughter, but i want to make sure they get the best they can for their budget

probably looking at a 500-700 price range and from a 'known' seller

would this be capable of running stuff decently? if not, any advice of the sort of spec to look for? cheers
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What stuff are you planning to play on it? The latest games or older titles?
not planning on anything myself...its a 14 year old lad, not been told what he's planning on playing..

had a bit of advice elsewhere and given them three options ranging from the above 940m one to one that has a 970m which is apparently a bit better?
That would be OK:

It will play most recent games on Medium settings at lower resolutions.

Where did you find a 970m for under 700? and a bit better is an understatement, there is a massive difference between a 940m and a 970m.

The 940m will struggle to play any recent games above low settings and lowest resolution. A 970m will give you 60FPS gaming at 1080P on medium/high settings. It is like the difference between a PS3 and PS4, probably more.
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