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Gaming lag today vs 3-4 years ago


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Plenty of topics here with regard to what TV would be suitable for gaming (fps mainly).
I currently own a 3-4 year old Sony KD20s2030 tv set. I don't notice any lag that would bother me, however it's time for an upgrade to 40 inch.
Many people complain that manufacturers seem to have taken a step back with regard to lag times.
Hence my question, are modern LCDs (LE40C650) for instance better than three years ago? What is today considered mediocre (40-60 ms) is still superior to a couple year old technology?
I wouldn't want to pay 700 pounds only to find out that my gaming experience is worse.
So what is the view? Am i going to get better experience regardless of mediocre lag by today's standards ?
Opinions and advice welcome. I will use the set for SD content and also some blu ray playback as well.


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yeah generally LAG is worst today than before! plasma still is adviced for playing
right now the bad lag is something above 40ms - 45ms
very few LCD's are in that zone and the best ones for gaming are panasonic LCD's and the 2010 philips range...but both have problems elsewhere of course


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That's bad news. One would think technology would be improved.
Why is the lag getting worse? Post processing of the picture?

I don't want to shell out for the G20, nevermind that is not available at 40 inch as far as I know.


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I've got a KDL26S2030 , I didn't notice input lag on it but it does get motion blur even with the best settings. I've got a KDL32EX503 now, the picture is vastly better and well I don't notice input lag but some say it say 60ms. Though some debate if thats the 40" version and 32" isn't affected. The EX503 is 100mhz, some say thats the problem and the EX403 is much better.


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Thanks for this.
I have done some further research and Toshiba's seem to be pretty good for gaming and a decent price too. I'll have a look at Sony too.
Does lag/blur get worse with large panels ie is more noticeable on a larger screen as well?


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Thanks for this.
I have done some further research and Toshiba's seem to be pretty good for gaming and a decent price too. I'll have a look at Sony too.
Does lag/blur get worse with large panels ie is more noticeable on a larger screen as well?

Evening Numeryk

Just wondered if you had a chance to delve deeper into the LAG issue, have you found a manufacture that is ideal for gaming,

I’m in the market for a new TV and had my eye on the Panasonic G20 42” or the Samsung C6530 37 or 40”, but like yourself am worried that my gaming experience may be impacted by all this newer technology :p



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Done some further research and apparently Toshibas are good at small lag.
I was thinking along the lines of G20 but I am still not convinced about plasma.
Best buy had some 40 inch Toshibas (40kv700) at 33o pounds, great price but I struggled to find any information about that particular model.

Pete Delaney

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Allegedly the Sharp Quatrons (noteably 46"LE821) has such a teeny weeny amount of lag that it shocked the technical reviewers....:eek: So the LCDs are out there that are super for the PS3/XBox360:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the update Numeryk

Im still on the fence with this one,
and yes it seems the Plasma's are rated best for gaming, but with the market being swamped with so many high end LED Monitors its so tempting, but whats the point of a brilliant picture viewing HD source when you can't snipe your mate due to lag :nono:

technofan thanks for the advise i'm off to review the Sharp Quatrons

Will update later



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i prefer the sharper look of LCD than plasma for gaming and image retention is STILL an issue on some plasmas after long gaming sessions.

my toshiba has an excellent game mode - u can still tweak the picture to get it to your preference but it turns off the extra processing. I play COD alot online and lag has never been an issue.


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Hi I have reading and posting for sometime now searching for a new TV set. A friend recently purchased the Sony 40EX503 which has a reported input lag of 60ms on * however he has commented to me that he has not noticed any input lag and his gaming experience hasn't changed for worse/better.

I am very close to ordering the 40EX503 myself, I had originally been looking at the Panasonic G20 but other issues with this set have put me off and the Samsung range seems to have issues with their 100hz technology.

With Sony offering VAT back at the moment I think the EX503 or even the new EX713 are worth a look.


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Hi akane_1984

During my initial search I too looked at the EX503 Series, so I went to JL - Oxford circus, and compared the picture quality with a Panasonic G20 40" playing the same HD source - BBC HD, and the Pani was by far the better picture between two and considerably more cheaper,

but what put me off the pani was the adverts in the EPG, really naf, and also no Picture in Picture facility when scrolling through the EPG, so then the salesman - who was quite clued up, demonstrated the Samsung 6530 LED / LCD, and boy that picture rocked.

However it was considerably more expensive around £800
You can guess where im going with this right :cool:

Then I read about the lag issues with regards to the 6530

I'm really stuck

probably end up chosing the best deal during the boxing day sales :suicide:


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