Gaming HTPC - now split again - suggestions please!!


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Hi Guys,

Well, as they say, things change. A few weeks ago I decided to build a Gaming HTPC for our sitting rooms older 55" Sony RP. Then the misses got involved, fnar fnar.

We have ended up buying a Sony KDL-55 HX893, which as you may be aware does 3D. The main gaming computer will now come down into the man cave, to run on the older Sony 55" RP, as well as the existing 24" LG triple screens so the gaming side is sorted for now.

Existing gaming pc is as follows:

Asus P7P55D-E
Intel i5 760 oc'd from 2.80 to 3.66
HIS 6950 (runs most of my racing sims at full chat so OK for now) - must say though, I have not tried this at 1080p, but hopefully wont have an issue as it does Eyefinity OK
8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz ram
Numerous HD's, albeit not SSD
OCZ Fatality 750w psu

HTPC spec I think I am still going to go is:

Silverstone GD05, (purely because the 04 is out of stock everywhere)
Asus P8Z77-M mobo
Intel i5-3570K (already bought)
Sandisk 240gb Xtreme SSD. (already bought)
Scythe Shuriken 2 Rev B cooler
Lite On BD drive
PSU - ain't a clue, lol

Because I already have the SSD & 3570k, I'm not totally sure which direction to go. Do I rebuild the Gaming pc with the 3570k etc & move the older i5, (if I can find a M-ATX LGA1156 board for it) to the HTPC, although will this have enough CPU power to do 3D?

Decisions, decisions. I love the net, but I hate it. far too many options. Whatever happened to buying a magazine, (paper type), looking through the back pages. Choosing the one item on sale & buying it over the phone, lol

Suppose if I stick with the original build what psu could I get away with if the 3570k is strong enough to do 3d/1080p without running a separate GPU.

Cheers guru's, Shane


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if your running 3d i would suggest a GPU anyways, nothing too much but somethings better than nothing.
as for a PSU 600w minimum i'd say.


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It's all built now & running happily & more importantly, quietly ;-)

I am just using the i3570k for the gpu on board & it has taken everything I can throw at it. I ended up with a 520W Seasonic M12II-520 for psu from a cost perspective, not the latest or greatest, but runs silent & is powering this along happily.

The only fly in the ointment is I got a Pioneer BDR-207EBK, which although running OK, sometimes stutters on playback so could do with seeing why that is, not sure if there is a better firmware for it?

Cheers, Shane

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