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Fellow members of AVForums please read and take heed of the advice in this post.

Classified Trading Rules can be found HERE

Classified Thread Bumping & PM/Email Rules Clarification can be found HERE

Installed Games Are Not To Be Included In Console Sales.
Any console where digital downloaded/pre-installed games become tied to your GamerTag, can Not Be Included In your Console Sale.

Pricing Items.
if you have listed your items as a bundle, if/when you plan to split the bundle you need to edit your main post and add prices to each item.
ALL items need to be priced, when listed in a for sale or trade thread, or offered in a wanted thread.
ALSO if you have a lot of items for sale in your thread, please move sold items to the bottom of your listing under a *SOLD* heading.
Doing so makes your listing clearer and easier for members to read and see what is still available.
But ALWAYS leave the prices on your items. ( We ask this, as it helps members who used the search function)

Adding Photos to Your Listings.
Please when adding photos to your listings, if you must do full size ( either add two to your main post )
and the rest as thumbnails, or add all photos to post 2.
This saves the moderators time when having to keep scrolling down your main post every time you edit it.

We are noticing a fair amount of scams on the rise within the Gaming Classifieds..
New ( Novice ) Members are posting in members Wanted ad's, saying they have this or that item for sale for £??.
Most members SPOT they are a new member that have just joined, but there are still MANY members that just agree to the deal and send payment,
because the item is at a good price. without checking or getting any details.
PLEASE check under their username for their member status and join date.

Novice Member.
Joined Date.

These sales are very easy for scammers to make a quick buck and disappear, so please, please be extra vigilant when buying from new members.

The request's we see made time and time again is the 'half up front' post. This still carries 100% risk to the buyer and 0% to the seller.
Don't think for one minute that the scam artist isn't happy at not getting £50 when you've just sent him £25!
You wouldn't hand a stranger in the street £25 with the promise of him turning up tomorrow with it would you? No, so don't do it here.

Do NOT agree to half payment up front or small deposit before they send the item. Insist on payment once item is received. If NOT, walk away.

What we are asking you to do when dealing with new sellers (and experienced ones too) is to make sure you confirm ALL details from the selling party.
By that I mean check out that they are who they say they are and do not go on hearsay.
The following gives an idea of what you should be checking out and confirming -

Full Name
Address/Works Address
Landline/Work phone
Email (Non Disposable one preferably) and mobile number.
Picture of member holding the item with username and date
A utility bill confirming the above.

Some of you may think that this is OTT even when it's a small amount but the last scammer made £23 and £32.
Not huge amounts but still blatant theft so CHECK THEM OUT!

An honest genuine seller, of which there are many on AVF, would have no issue supplying those details, a scam artist not so keen.
You can also check out they are who they say they are by checking for a small fee.

If you do go ahead without checking any details out and you do get ripped off, then you really only have yourself to blame.
If something seems to good to be true it probably is, so walk away and if you do feel something stinks.
PLEASE report the thread so a Moderator can take a look.

AVForums cannot and should not be considered a safety net. Use common sense, be vigilant and be a responsible buyer.

Also be weary of the current trend of new members joining in the early hours to instantly sell gaming credit (presumably hoping no mods are active to question their items).
These posts are always the same: overly cheap credit, will send first, usually bank transfer payments etc.
This credit is highly likely from dubious sources as the sellers nearly always disappear when questioned and almost always disappear after making one or two sales.
Please click the box to agree to the following statement
  1. I confirm my acceptance of the AVForums trading rules (link opens in a new window) and agree to abide by them at all times until the transaction is concluded to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
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