Gameseek selling Shenmue 3 !!!


So... they say that its not official, but if it was to come to anything it would be for the 360?!

Is that really a good basis to have aproduct up for preorder?

Who wants to give me £100,000 for a time machine? They're not out yet but its just a matter of time!

Back on topic, yes I would very much like Shenmue 3, please!


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I didn't think Yu Suzuki still worked at Sega? Can't see them bringing out a sequel without him on board.

Mind you, Sonic Team keep churning out Sonic games despite the fact that Yuji Naka is no longer with them.


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Ryo Hazuki: [to the kitten] You and I have a lot in common, our parents died on the same day.

I need Shenmue III.


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This rumored game was never officially announced by Sega


So what are they actually advertising?


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Gameseek selling non-existant games?

And taking people's money from their banks?

Now where have I heard that before???

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