Games you want to see remade


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May post this in xbox as well, so long as there is no rules against it. Wonder if pc gamers would like the same classic games as pc gamers.

I am a huge fan of retrogaming, played a fair few of the fan made remakes of games linked from this forum.

What games in your youth did you love and you think would still play now if re-released with modern eye candy.

For me I would like to see

Elite/Privateer (there is the excellent oolite)
stunt car racer
kick off 2
UFO Enemy Unknown*** (result it is coming soon :) )

and I will leave it at that, though am sure there are more :)


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That was the only FF game I ever enjoyed at all, however even that i got bored half way through, Story was ok but the random encounter mechanic and not actually fighting didnt grab me.

No doubt it is a classic game however, and an excellent one as well, I just didnt "get" it i guess.
UFO Enemy Unknown*** (result it is coming soon :) )

There is a game called that, but its not the same, and vastly updated. I am hoping it comes off though. For a retro version, that stays true to the original, look for Xenonauts - there is a beta due soon and an Alpha out now to test.

Final Fantasy 7

lol. My list would also include both UFO and FF7 and both are or have been remade, which is dead handy :smashin:

Other epic games that have or are in the process of being remade: Dungeon Master, Carmageddon, while ones that I would like to see would be something like Eye of the Beholder or Lords of Midnight....


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is it really?!..... I may have to take a look at that one :) I enjoyed that game. Number 2 I found a little too stat heavy (probably heresy to admit this but I ended up playing the "dumbed down" console version instead).


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OK really glad I posted this thread because.......... how could I forget dungeon master?? Loved that game, it was that and Wings (another game I would check out a remake of) which forced me to shell out for the 512k memory upgrade for my amiga.

I purchased Legend of Grimrock a couple of months back however and that is awesome. DM will have to be good to better that game imo, but here is hoping.

Xenonaughts, I will check that out but, the vids of UFO I have seen look pretty faithful to the original to me, and I think the action cam looks fantastic.
Sorry by Dungeon Master remake I meant Grimrock :blush:


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lol to be honest it IS dungeon master in everything aside from name.


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lol. My list would also include both UFO and FF7 and both are or have been remade, which is dead handy :smashin:

Well FF7 was just made available again. No new modern touch up to it, otherwise i would have been all over it like a tramp on chips.

I want to see it done with the Frostbite 2 engine :D instead of looking at big square pixels.


X-wing Alliance and X-Wing vs Tie fighter. Also, a game called Millenium, which was a 4X game based in our solar system.

Joe Pineapples

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X-wing series
I-war 2
Little Big Adventure 1 & 2
Crusader (No Regret/Remorse)
Marble Madness
Die By The Sword
Shadows Of The Empire
Codemasters Toca series

Probably the same number again if my memory was better.


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A new Toca game would be excellent, and I am with you on Crusader no regret as well.

Marble madness is excellent, i think there IS a fan remade version linked in the correct part of this forum, if you have not seen it, check it out.

I am really looking forward to Doom 4 but am guessing that is not what you are after, but rather a remake of the very 1st game.


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Homeworld with a new engine!


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The original Soldier of Fortune, please. The GHOUL engine was a revelation - 26 individual zones on the body to score some seriously violent damage!


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A few from my time playing zx spectrum games:

Skool Dayz & Bak 2 Skool
Marsport / Tir Na Nog / Dun Darach


Goal! / Kick off 2

PC games:

Dungeon Keeper II


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cant believe there has been no love what so ever for Stunt car racer, one of my top 5 all time games <sob>

I am prepared to let "Elite" go on the votes as there is already oolite and arguably the X series (too hard core for me mind you)

I think SOF past me by, possibly came out at a time when i did not have a gaming pc.


Dungeon Keeper..... very good shout! a new one of those would get my money for sure.

Sega Mega Dave

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Shenmue with modern day graphics... Greatest game of all time.

Road rash.


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there was a remake of roadrash in the pipes but it seemed to stall a few years back. Am guessing it must have been trashed.

as for shemue.... not sure how much (if any) of an update it is getting but shemue1 & 2 are coming to xbox live if that is of any interest (apparently the games were completed over 12 months ago but were held back whilst sega decided what - if anything - they were going to do with the final instalment of the trilogy.

Cosmo Bozo

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Elite... goes without saying
Elder scrolls 2 daggerfall
Terra nova
Fallouts 1 and 2
Stunt car racer
Syndicate wars, cant believe no one has said this!


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The original Unreal.


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I think some games shouldn't be remade at all. No matter how advanced technology becomes, 3D gaming and all sorts, gaming still doesn't feel as fun as the 80's and 90's and I don't think it can ever be replicated. Gaming is so much different now and those games from back in the day should be left where they are, as they are.

Pure, simple, basic and highly enjoyable gaming!


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I'd like to see Diablo III remade!

I loved the first few days of play and then realised that there was no re-playability.

What I loved about Diablo II is that you could experiment with builds and try something different to battle your way through. There were so many different types of builds to play with. With D3 you can be anything you want at any time and all it really depends on is how big your weapon is. Massive disappointment.

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