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Games time, whats your best score ?

surrey lad

Active Member

surrey lad

Active Member

surrey lad

Active Member
Chris Frost said:
Just had another go - 320.5

Just hit 307.6 :D but just missed your edit :(

Chris Frost

Well-known Member
here's the 320 which I'm sure someone will beat soon

And for the more blood thirsty among you there's an alternative penguin version...

My best today is 934.2m. Previous best was 1016. I know one person got over 1100m. Gotta luv those landmines :devil:

Have a go here http://www.yonkis.com/mediaflash/yeti_gore.htm



Novice Member
322.9m :clap:


Novice Member
Xan said:

damn you..lol...just got 321m (the first penguin linky)


Distinguished Member
997.4 m on the second more violent (and fun) one

ush flynn

Novice Member
im sure there are other controls for this game. I remember playing it and when the penguin is airborne you adjust the flight angle to produce lift and you can keep him going for ages. Im certain the top score was somewhere around 2500m

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