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Why are there so few 'games' shows on tv at the moment?! :(

With the console war at its most ferocious right now, interest in gaming must surely be at an all time high, and yet this isn't being reflected on tv.
We used to have Bitz, Gamesmaster, .tv, Thumb Bandits, Movies Games & Videos etc... All we have now is GamePad (which only has a short run) & Cybernet which is out of date, and is on at 3o'clock in the morning! (why is it on @ 3am by the way!?!)

And whats the deal with Games Network?! Most of the presenters are inaudable, and the whole screen is being taken over by text messages! :rolleyes:

Surely it must be worthwhile for the tv channels to have at least one games show - and what happened to thumbbandits anyway? It had one series and then never came back! :(

There are so many new games being released, but it is hard to get to see them all - a tv show is an ideal way of getting a look at them.


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I was hoping for a thread about potential game shows like "Monkey Tennis" and "Youth hostelling with Chris Eubanks" :D


Apart from .tv I thought Bad Influence one of the best games shows. I did not care for Gamesmaster as it centred on other people playing games so it was not really a show case for the game, and they never showed PC games.


It's prob because the majority of the game fans that would watch a show on games are to busy gaming :D

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