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Games of Thrones Season 4 and SKY PIN


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I've noticed that we are no longer required to enter our PIN to view recordings of Season 4 of Game of Thrones.

My wife brought it to my attention; she's just had a marathon session over the last week of viewing the first three seasons on Catch Up and has gotten use to having to enter our PIN to view an episode.

We have an 11-year old son and our PIN is set for anything aged 12 upwards. Understandably, I'd rather not have him stumbling across Game of Thrones as it's a little hard-core for someone his age!

Has anyone else noticed this? Aged 12+ films on our planner work as expected, as do earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, so my first though is that it's an error on SKY's part that they have neglected to apply rating to Season 4.


what time of day were you trying to watch it ?


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After 9pm, so post-watershed. As I stated though, Seasons 1-3 required a PIN to view (pre/post-watershed), although these were downloaded from On Demand, rather than recorded. I think I'll contact SKY as the only explanation I can think of is that age-restriction has not been applied to Season 4.


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To force pin protect to a program just add lock to it.

To do this with the programme highlighted in the planner use the left arrow and and the options at the bottom will change to show lock for the red button.

Press the red button to lock the currently selected programme.

The programme should now be listed in the planner with a padlock.

If you lock a future recording that is series linked all of these future recordings will be locked as well when recorded.

Once a programme has been locked it will require the pin number to view it.
You can unlock a programme by repeating how you locked it.


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As a general rule, I think you'll find that recorded stuff doesn't need a pin after the watershed, but downloaded stuff does. Not too sure why this should be so, but it does seem to be the case.

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