Games console newbie questions - what to buy?


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Hi, I am looking to buy a first games console for my 16 year old daughter. I am quite techie but am ignorant about games consoles. The XBox S looks attractive - the price looks good and I like Microsoft. Would it be a good choice for a teenage girl? She is likely to want to play fun games - along the lines of Nintendo Wii - rather than hard core fighting games. And will want to play with friends, but probably not online. This is for occasional use, for fun.

Would the XBox S be a good choice for us or would a different make be more suitable? Any recommendations appreciated.

If we do go for the XBox S, what configuration should we buy? The rental option looks expensive. Do we need 1 or 2 controllers? Is the Games Pass a good buy?

Thanks for reading this.


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In short, Series S sounds suitable, game pass is excellent value and a couple of controllers is always the way.


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If she is going to play online then get whatever her friends have. Though the Series S and Gamepass is a great deal.

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It depends on what she wants to play really. The Series S is a good choice as is Gamepass, but if she loved the games on the Wii then the Nintendo Switch might be more suitable.
If she's going to be playing with friends especially online (which is probably quite likely at her age) then it's best to get whatever type of console her friends have.

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