Gamertag recovery nightmare!!!


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PS3 owner here, but please don't burn me! :hiya:

Basically, im thinking of getting another 360, but want to make sure i can recover my old gamertag (lots of purchase history and it took me ages to get those pitiful amount of points :).

I tried logging on with my gamertag on the web site, but i cant remember the email address it's linked too. So, i phoned up support and verified all my details and they gave me the email address it's linked too.

Now, heres the problem: The email address was an old one that has been deactivated! I've basically gone to the hotmail site and signed up again and it told me the address was available! :suicide:

So i signed up with that address, but im still not able to log in and recover my gamertag as i get the message "This windows live ID is not correct for this gamertag"!

The xbox live support guys no what the problem is, but have told me that there is nothing they can do, and the account has gone forever...:(

Even though its still a recognised gamertag (there it is there, on the left) and they can view all my purchases, credit card number and personal details, they still cant give me access! (bit poor)

So iv'e now emailed "windows live ID support" to see if they can help.

What are my chances?
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Well, that's a good one...

Personal experience with lost accounts tend to be that they stay lost accounts.

If hotmail have let you re sign the email address associated with the live account then as you're already aware the account was deactivated and put back into the available pool.

Your XBL account is tied into your windows live account, and as this has been deactivated I'd say your only chance is to try and get M$ to change the associated hotmail account to your new one, which is the same as the old one...

See how you get one mate.

let us know!


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We've just bought a 60GB model, to replace 20GB, and my hubby has had the same problem.

Forgot original email address/password, so they were unable to help unless he could remember it.

Spent ages on the phone but to no avail. :(

Now he's looking for cheap deals on points, so that he can replace the games on the new console.

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