Gamecube - not impressed!


Played some jet ski game on the GC in Game today and I most certainly was not impressed. The gameplay was crap, I've seen much better graphics on the late lamented Dreamcast and the box itself would not look out of place among my 16 month old son's toys.

My opinion of course.


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haha..well that's Game for you. Whilst I'm more of an Xbox fan than GC fan, I wouldn't show Wave Race in my shop to demo the machine..:)
High Street retailers should be banned from pre-selling new consoles 'cos they haven't got a clue. Gamecube has some very special and exclusive games on the way, don't be put off this early.
I've been getting into Biohazard this week and it is jaw-dropping in everyway..and I;m not really a Biohazard fan..:)

I am seriously thinking about getting one, especially as Resi Evil is going GC exclusive, this is the cheapest of the next gen consules and in my opinion has the most impressive graphics, the Mario haunted house game is incredible, as is Pikcen (well something like that). can't wait to see resi evil


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Don't let Wave Race put you off! It isn't much better than the N64 version. If the shop wanted to show off the graphics, they should have put Rogue Squadron on (although Biohazard is the best looking game). Gameplay wise, you can't beat a bit of Super Monkey Ball.


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Hmmm - ok
I really like Waverace - admitedly it doesn't really add anything new to the n64 version but it's still a great, great game. It's a real challenge and very rewarding of skill. It has the best 'feel' of pretty much any control system out there (except other NCL stuff).

The only downside I would say about waverace is the steep learning curve. When my mates come around and try to pick up and play a 4-way game it really isn't fair. It takes them a good couple of games to even get around the course!

However, when we're all of even skill, there's nothing like it! Shoulder to shoulder around every buoy and nudging each other off line - it's one of the most emotionally involving racing games out there full stop.

Anyway, rant over - I think that Nintendo don't seem to have tried to win over any new fans with there first round of software. Rogue Leader is probably the biggest mass-appeal title with Biohazard coming soon. If only it was exclusively getting Auto Modelista, galleon or ICO - but alas they seem to be happy keeping the fans they've got.

Not that I'm complaining, I've got a PS2 to please my friends:D


I am seriously thinking about getting one, especially as Resi Evil is going GC exclusive
I can't find the article right now, but I'm pretty sure Gamespot reported that Resident Evil is no longer exclusive to GC, and will be coming out on the XBox as well. I'm not sure of the release dates, though.


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I'll be getting a Gamecube before XBox, for three reasons:

1) The price.
2) The games. They will be awesome.
3) It's made by Nintendo. There's really nothing more to be said.

XBox needs to come down in price. I will end up owning all three though. I think it's better to own more machines and less games on each, than own one console and have loads of games, because then you always get to play the greatest games each has to offer.


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I agree completely pointon. I have spent more money on crap PS2 games (Half Life - wahhhhh) than the price of a Gamecube.

tryingtimes, I love Wave Race. Like 1080, the control method is perfect. I was really trying to say that I don't think it is the best game to demo on an in-store pod if Nintendo want to attract the casual punter.


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