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Just noticed that three FPS are out for the Cube in a couple of weeks; Die Hard Vendetta, Medal of Honour Frontline and James Bond Nightfire. Talk about spoilt for choice. Which one do I go for? Your thoughts please... anyone played any of these yet?


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Timesplitters is ok, although I find it is really a collection of levels rather than an involving storyline.

Nightfire, I don't know enough about, with the exception of Goldeneye most James Bond games are lame.

Medal of Honour - This series has always been excellent. I played the PC version to death and it was extremely involving, good set peices and a lot of variety. On a par with Half-life, let down a little by the actual storyline and some dodgy AI.

Wait till they are released and hire them. My money though would go on Medal of honour, simply from the previous games.

Opppss didn't see the Die Hard query. Die hard Nakatomi plaza was on the PC, it was a bit of a lame duck, worth avoiding. There are some previews on IGN it looks interesting. Couldn't really make an objective comment on it.


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I second that. Medal Of Honour: Frontline. Amazing game. I've got bored of Timesplitters rather quickly and haven't played it for a few days now.


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I'm not a big fan of James Bond games either i'll probably end up with Die Hard AND Medal of Honour

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