Gamecube Digital Output


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A few questions for a Gamecube nubee.

Does the digital output cable on the Gamecube connect to a DVI connection on an LCD monitor?

Does the connection also carry sound?

Where can I get the digital cable in the UK?

Does it work for all games on a PAL UK Gamecube?



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Use the standard cable for sound, check for component and DVI cables


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As far as i know, the Digital output will not work on a PAL cube only a JAP/USA one.


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The digital output will definitely work on a PAL cube (you will need to source a component cable or D-cable from somewhere), but Prog Scan will only work on a PAL cube that's using Freeloader + an NTSC game that features prog scan (e.g. Metroid, Animal Crossing, Zelda, F-Zero, Viewtiful Joe, SC2 etc).

It's rather odd that the PAL cube still supports Prog scan but there you go. I have my PAL cube hooked up using the component lead, and running prog scan it looks awesome.

I don't really know that connection is at the other end of the D-cable. Might be a DVI, but I really don't know.

The digital output definitely does not carry sound, unfortunately.

Interestingly, Nintendo are now releasing Cubes in Japan which have the digital output completely removed.


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It's not DVI, some wierd japanese connector (D-Terminal). Nor is it 'digital' - there's a DAC in the cable which, for both the D-Terminal and the component cable converts the signal to analogue.

Component cable is good for, er, component. D-Terminal cable is handy if you want VGA since, although the component cable can be converted to VGA, it's easier to convert the D-Terminal to VGA. And, as a shameless plug, I have a new, used D-Terminal cable knocking around (was intended to convert it to VGA, but never got round to it). I'll let anyone who wants it have it for £15.

Cheers, Carl.


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i was under the impression the GC supports Dolby Pro Logic 2
which is digital ? am i right ?


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Yes it supports it but it's analogue. It's a stereo signal that the GC sends to the amp, which converts it into PL2


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Originally posted by RL123
Yes it supports it but it's analogue. It's a stereo signal that the GC sends to the amp, which converts it into PL2

Indeed works very well on the cube too


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Far better than the Pro Logic 2 I've heard from the PS2 anyway. Games like Zelda and Metroid sound like they are practically 5.1 :)


More to do with how well they were mixed i presume. Rebel strike has stunning sound. Get a 7.1 speaker sytem to use PLIIx on that game of course.

About the DV out. I think Nintendo overestimated.

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