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Dec 31, 2001
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The popular misconception is that Nintendo = childish. This is clearly not the case.

Now I am all for "grown up" games and am eagerly awaiting Resident Evil which should arrive tomorrow. I also have SMS on pre-order.

I have several children (4 actually, aged 6,4,2 and 6months). Leaving my obvious insanity on one side, I am looking for a GC game that they might enjoy and am struggling.

The oldest can mage SMB (he can get to Beginner level 7 fairly reliably) and the 4 year old has a basic grasp of moving things about with the joystick. The 2 year old has a way to go yet obviously.

Can anyone recomend a game that they might be able to cope with. Not too difficult, prefereably with something amusing going on, simple controls etc.

Their favourite game is Hydro Thunder on the Dreamcast. You just steer a boat around and it is very forgiving. I tried them with Wave Race, but that was far too hard.

Theres a few titles mate that are superb for the young ones. Mario Party 4 should keep them all amused since it has probably 50+ mini games and is a 4 player game too. Very popular game amongst the younger audience.

Another is the Kirby series... Nintendo are spending big bucks on Kirby as a franchise to make it a global star. The gameplay is quite good actually and the character would appeal.

You could try out the Mario Party games on the N64 as a tester until the Gamecube version comes out, same for Kirby. Once they're happy you can then watch the footie in peace ^_^
Mario Sunshine just for a general 'run around jumping' type of play. that's the plan for my 4 year old anyway. As her skill increases she may get into searching for shines.

I also get the credit for buying it as a present for her, because I wouldn't have bought it for myself otherwise...........;) :D


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