Gamecube 251 Memory Slot Card


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Ordered this from the other day, and got an email this morning saying that the price has been reduced to £14.46.

After the delivery charge, this should cost about £16...

Has anyone else been able to get one of these cheaper?


Be aware the damm thing hates getting hot! To save to it I have to take it out and blow on it then the Gamecube can save to it. Gets rather annoying!

snake II

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what colour is the new 251 memory card, last time i saw a pic of it on the net it was black is this true?, but when i go on uk sites they sometimes say no picture included will show later, or they just show a white one, i just want the 251 card to match my black cube


I don't know that this is necessarily the way it's going to be over here but my US 251 card is black and it does suit my black cube quite well :)


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I assume they are black so they dont get confused for normal memory cards..:) I wasn;t aware of the heating issue..


Originally posted by museumsteve
I wasn;t aware of the heating issue..

Me neither. Mine has been good as gold except for when I copied my Rogue Leader file over to it and then the first time I played, it loaded up fine but then later moaned that the card wasn't formatted. After resetting, it's been no problem for months.

Heating up doesn't sound normal at all...


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Mine has also never had any problems, are you sure you don't have a faulty copy?


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It would be nice if you could somhow connect the cards to a pc and backup the saves to disk/cd.

What about the SD card adapter? Is it available/reliable? Can you transfer the saves off there?

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