Game wont load

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Some advice needed!
Have just gotten round to loading up GTA IV..
I started the install process and left it there as it seemed to take a while..
When I came back to it, the game had frozen and i couldnt do a thing so i reset the PS3.

Now, when I launch the game, I get the "starting new game" in the bottom right corner but it doesnt get any further.. Been about 10 mins now..

Ive tried deleting the game data and profile data and reinstalling stuff but it still isnt loading up!
And this is just for the single player!!!! :mad:

Any ideas??

p.s. got a 60GB UK PS3


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there are already threads about this, it seems logging off the PSN fixes the problem, so try that.


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Seems to be ok now..
Deleted the game save, reset the router, turned off my NAs and restarted the PS3..

Was gettin worried for a minute!!

lol.. Now the screens frozen!!
Oh the joys!!

Might stick to COD4!
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