Game Wishlist - What games do you want to see developed?


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What games (or types of games) are you hoping we will see being made for the Xbox One? Could be a return of an old franchise or an idea for a new game.

Personally I'm hoping for...

1) A return of the Space Combat Sim games. The thought of a modern day X-Wing or Tie Fighter gets me drooling. They were fantastic and atmospheric back in the day, they could do so much more now. Imagine 64 player co-op game attacking a Star Destroyer or defending the Death Star.

2) Historical FPS' again. After people complaining of getting WWII fatigue at the beginning of the 360 generation, I'm now getting bored of the modern and near future setting. Get me back in those WWII trenches ASAP.

3) Sim or God games. They can be tricky with the control scheme but it's a genre with so much potential and it's lovely to have some games that aren't all guns, explosions, blood and guts. I love a good time wasting sit back and build/ manage game. They are back in fashion on the mobile platform, let's get them on the big screen too.
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Main titles or types I would like are quite varied.
First being a new Gears of War. My best online gaming memories were with Gears of War 1. Use to have a great squad, and met most of online friend list through that game. I just don't think they'll ever get the series to the level it was with Gears 1.

New Freespace title. Fond times from the past and liked the story and gameplay, even if they released this as an arcade game with limited features I would buy it.

Halo Wars, I think. Preferred this over C&C on the consoles (big C&C fan on PC though). I thought they implemented it well and the controls felt more natural. Bit basic but worked very well.

After reading the OP, yeah I would like a COD series to maybe go back to WWII times. Break it up a bit and get some Tunisia maps back.

Oh and Road Rash.
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I would like to see a dota 2/ league of legends type off game.


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some point/click adventures would be good

day of the tentacle
full throttle
or maybe a up to date version of future wars


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some point/click adventures would be good

day of the tentacle
full throttle
or maybe a up to date version of future wars
Although the mechanism is different I kind of felt like Walking Dead was a modern day 'point and click' game. I'm hoping that Season 2 comes out on Xbox One as well as 360. Probably my game of this generation so I really hope there's more like it coming.


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If I spend long enough thinking about it my list would be huge but of the top of my head (in no order):
  • A new 2D platformer. Not a small title but a large platformer with levels that let you go from left to right in different ways.
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Project Gotham Racing 5
  • Viva Pinata 3
  • Red Dead 3
  • Bully 2
  • Crackdown 3
  • Perfect Dark whatever
  • Jet Set Radio 3
  • A new adventure game like The Walking Dead (or the sequel to it be announced for the Xbox One)
  • Rallisport Challenge 3
  • Conkers Bad Fur Day 2
  • Banjo Kazooie 3
  • Geometry Wars 3
  • Fallout 4


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I really want another Halo Wars


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I would like to see:

Gears of War 4 or similar
Bayonetta 2 or new sequel
GTA for PC and next gen consoles only so no compromises.
Perfect Dark Sequel
Viva Piñata sequel
Vampire The Bloodlines sequel
FIFA remade from the ground up as opposed to the usual roster update.


I'd like to see PGR5 too. During the 360 launch PGR3 was my most played game. I loved the league we used to have on this forum too! In general I'd also like to see more 3rd person shooters. Loved GRAW early on in the 360's life.


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I'm probably the minority here but I used to love graphical point and click adventures.
From the secret of monkey island to Simon the Sorcerer...The legend of Kyrandia to Broken sword!
I'd love a wicked graphical and engossing point and click.....I'll go back into my hole now :D


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That's my main wish, I really hope it gets announced soon.

Would also like to see:
  • another Red Dead Game;
  • a proper old school survival horror game (not just a TPS which is what they've all turned into over the last few years);
  • a properly persistent FPSMMORPG with the best aspects of all these genres rolled into one incredible always-active game (The Division might fulfull this);
  • another Bully game;
  • another Mass Effect game;
  • another Far Cry game;
  • more horror games;
  • more games where the focus is on the single-player experience.

@amardilo, Telltale Games who make The Walking Dead have announced they're working on the next set of episodes of TWD. Also check out The Wolf Among Us - I haven't played it yet but if you like TWD you will probably like this.
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Ooh good thread.

Biggest one would be another Red Dead Redemption. On Next Gen it would be amazing !
Dont care about GTA at all, they have been done to death now. RDR 2 please Rockstar

Good shout on the shooters, I would be happy with a Next Gen remake of COD - WaW to be honest.
Also would love a whole BF game based on the Vietnam DLC from BC2. I would happily sell my soul to a developer for that.

A decent Aliens hard can it be.

Suprised Road Rash has not been done tbh yet so maybe Next Gen.

A Next Gen State Of Decay using the power of the super cloud ;)
Drop in and out with AI and it just be huge like DayZ or something.

I am interested to see how the Indie stuff comes along on Next Gen reckon we might get some cracking games.

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