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Im trying to trade my 360 in with Game. Has anyone has any experience with in store prices being different to what is on their website?

According to this page:
GAME - Trade In

My 4gb slim should be worth 80 quid in trade, but the store say 60. Does anyone know who is right - does the store have to honour the website price?

Seems game customer services are closed so I can't even check with them.


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Thanks for the reply - No CEX near me but I might be going to Shrewsbury soon and they have one. The attitude of the staff in Game was very poor - not impressed.

I read that Gamestation often pricemarch CEX - is this true? Im after the gears console.


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OK - So went to Shrewsbury today where there is a CEX and Gamestation within walking distance of each other. Printed out a page from the CEX website showing their trade in value for my 4Gb Slim (£103) went straight in to Gamestation, asked if they would match and they said yes - quick verification of the price and the deal was done. So compared to Game's original offer of £60 I got £104 trade in value against the Gears of War xbox.

Its hard to believe they are the same company!
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