Game swap?


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just a wee idea i had.

i find i buy a game, play it through or dont and end up buying it back.

i suppose this thread is just out there as a feeler to see who thinks its viable, it may well be a crap idea nad just me that sees good.

Example -

User A -

For temp swap -

just cause
cod blops

User B -

nba 2k11
nba live 09
cod mw2
fifa 10
alan wake

User A wants to temp swap some game for User Bs cod mw2.

User b agrees a swap and would like cod4 from user B.

Users both agree a time scale for example 3 weeks and post in thread agreement, game condition and post method.

once a deal is completed and games returned users make a post and id keep a thread post for userid and score.

id also suggest those with <15 itrader send first only if other user has more itrade. as always the actual trade rules would be applied.

anyopne any ideas?

Stulock Holmes

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I'm pretty sure there was a long thread suggesting something similar to this a few months ago in the xbox 360 forums. Might show up if you do a search. From what I recall there was considerable discussion about rules, etc, so I don't know if it ever got going. It might have been more 'pass it on' than 'temp swap' though.

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