Game saves to memory card, what size?


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Nov 5, 2006
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I have one of the Modern Warfare 2 Super Elite consoles on pre-order and will be trading my Premium in against it. I want to keep some of my game saves from my 20GB HDD and stick them on the new machine. I won't be able to data transfer between the two drives traditionally though, due to the trade in factor.
I have the following game saves I want to take across:

1. COD4
3. Forza 2
4. Need for Speed: Undercover
5. COD4 map pack (can this be downloaded again, as I've already paid for it?)

I'm pretty sure that's all I want to keep so, what size memory card would you expect I need?

Can the 360 display exactly what game saves you have and what size they are?

Thanks in advance,

COD4 doesn't really use saves as it records your progress to your profile - the only savegame you'll find is for a mid level checkpoint.

Pretty sure none of those save files are very big so you'll probably get away with the the smallest - 64mb (although on 56mb is available).

If you decide to go for a larger MU like the 512mb, this has a copy of Geometry Wars on it as a freebie.
You'll not fit any map packs on a memory unit but you can download them again quite easily, I have a 256mb memory unit and my profile is about 35mb and then game saves vary, so only a few kb's and others 10mb. I can check the size of my forza and gta saves later if you wish? I'd jus. But a 512mb on if i were you, you could always sell it on here when you've done with it

and yes if you go to my xbox>settings>memory>hard drive you'll be able to see your files and sizes anyway.
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Thanks guys, great info. I was kind of swaying towards the 512MB card anyway, just in case there's more I want to move across.

@fewie225: Thanks for the offer of checking the save file sizes. Not to worry though, I'll have a look on mine tonight and verify them. :smashin:


Can the 360 display exactly what game saves you have and what size they are?

Thanks in advance,


I recently went through the same process and used a mates 256mb card which was fine.

To answer your question, yes you can see what you have. Go to settings, select memory, then games. Then for each listed games you will see what there is, be it game saves, settings saved, replays etc etc....

It doesn't take long to sense check what you'd want to keep and work out what you'd need space wise. For info, most actual game saves are tiny, but some like Bioshock and the like are each approx 2-4mb... and on some games, you may have numerous saves meaning a lot of space.

Also save any themes you want to keep, again they don't take up much space though. I also saved my profile (10mb) as advised by someone on here, but i don't think you actually need to, but it was good to know i had it on the memory card in case of problems.

Saying that, you only have to worry about what you want to transfer, write it down and leave the rest to be formatted with the existing drive before you trade.

Also, make a list of all your arcade games (purchased) as you can re-download these again on your new machine as they are paid for, however, i bet there are some you may have forgotted you;d paid for hence my comment to write them down now for reference later... only takes a minute to do.
Definately have your profile on the MU. The reason being, you have to be signed into the profile which is the owner of the save you are trying to move/copy to be able to do anything with it.
you will easily get that stuff on a 256mb card and they cost £10 from any games shop second hand. Any stuff you downloaded can be downloaded again to the new console if you use the same gamertag

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