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Hi - hoping someone can help before it kicks off between the kids!

We now have 2 Switches which is great but the problem is all the save data for Pokemon, Splatoon etc is on the old Switch. Whilst I have set up the accounts on both Switches the games the kids play most often aren't supported by cloud save. It also doesn't look like save data can be moved using the SD card.

So my question is, is there an easy way to use the consoles interchangeably so progress made on game A using Switch 1 can be easily accessed when playing game A on Switch 2?

Or do we in effect need to designate one Switch to each child and hope they play the game on the right console?

Nintendo don't appear to have made this easy for a family orientated system or am I being slow??

Thanks in advance


As far as I know that doesn't work at all, because as soon as you transfer the savedata from one Switch to the other it gets erased on the original Switch. It's kind of a pain and I was very surprised when I found that out.

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