Game have stock



Game have stock as of this morning. My missus has been into town (Hull) and both stores have 12ish consoles in. A few phone calls revealed that grimsby have them now, scunthorpe do, as do lincoln etc

May be worth trying your local store and getting down there sharpish:)


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Me too!!

Bluewater stores had about 40-50 each! One store sold with 2 games (£260). Other was trying it on. forced a 5 game bundle!!

I bought the 2 game bundle. But they had run out of zelda!!:thumbsdow
Will go and try to swap it in the next day or two.
Got rayman and monkeyball.

which one to keep with zelda..???I have a 6yr old and 8yr old
Any other recommendations?



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sorry about the running commentary but have got one!

Game Chester selling console only, but only to REWARD card holders.

They had 12 left at 11.30am, not sure how many now but worth ringing if nearby.

My kids will love it!



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Cazn you just sign up to a reward card in store?


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Are they being sold in bundles or just the console [plus Wii Sports]?


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Just got back from Bluewater game, had to get it with 3 games at £299, you could get 5 if you wanted, Merry Christmas to one and all :thumbsup: There were quite a few being bought so not sure if they have any left now, had about 10 when i left.


i had to buy the console with 3 games, so i got zelda, red steel and wii play, come to £294.96, i already had zelda, i got it when the wii first come out, we have 2 game's in wolverhampton, so i went to the other 1 and got a refund on red steel and zelda :thumbsup:


I just got one today from Game in Wycombe.. They are getting another 15 tomorrow (friday)..


Got mine this moring from GAME in nottingham. Everyone who queued at 09:00 had there names taken and were garenteed a console :thumbsup: if they returned at 10:00 & could get the console for 179.99

Everyone else that turned up at 10:00 had to buy 2 games. Looks like they had a good amount of stock, they sold 20 while i was waiting for mine, and had what looked like at least another 15 behind the desk. One of the chaps from work went to try and get one at 10:30 but surprise surprise, they had sold out (they had no wii play either - HMV has just received some in there latest delivery)


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Got mine from Game in Worthing, i was able to pick what i wanted i didn't have to buy a bundle at all. And i love the Wii it is brilliant.


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Got to game wigan at 8:15 this morning and could of been number 2 on a list of 9 they were getting in at around 9:30.
But you had to buy a package with 4 games for £360
What a rip !!!!!!!!!!!!
Said thanks but no thanks
Anyone in wigan want's one get in while you can !!!!!!!


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I phoned all the Game stores around Bristol yesterday and blanket answer no new stock today. However I called them again today and they did mostly get stock in and sold out already. Its quite frustrating that the people in-store don't have a clue what's going on. Won't take your name / details or anything to help.


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Yes indeed, Game have stock. I queued up at Eastleigh this morning and there were already 6 people there outside. When the store opened, I patiently waited while the 6 in front paid for their consoles and then found out they only had 6 in! Gutted.

The same thing happened to me at John Lewis on launch day, 15th in queue, 10 in stock.

Phoning round got me this far so it's worth trying. Good luck to anyone trying to get one.


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I have a ticket for one at the GAME in McArthur Glen Retail park in Mansfield which I got at 9am. About to go and pick it up. They should be getting 9 in apparently.


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Got mine from GAME Sheffield (Fargate branch) today :clap:

Have been religiously following threads on here (thanks a LOT to everyone btw) and chanced it this morning - got outside the store at 8:30am, just 1 guy queueing (who had been there only since 8am so not as bad as TRU!). A small crowd had formed by 9am and then a guy came out and said..."Wii fans I presume? YES we will be getting some in."

I was overjoyed lol, only 9 were arriving in the day's delivery, I was 2 out of 9 on the list. Told us to come back about 10:30am - did as told and 2 secs later I had my Wii in my hands :D

We didn't have to buy any kind of lame bundle or anything. I got just the console then nipped up the road t'local indie to bag Zelda.

I noticed Game were charging 32.99 for just a spare thanks, I'll wait for Wii Play!

GL to everyone, and first post on the forums - what a happy one :)


Went to Game in Leeds this morning and they told me they wouldn't be getting any more until Jan. Then my wife went back at 12 and they had 3 left in then. Had to buy 4 games with it too though for £350. No Zelda and no Wii Play so got other games and I'll swap them in a few days. The moral of the story. If they say they're not getting anymore in, ignore them and try again later.

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