Game Gear Micro announced by SEGA


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Weird one this. Sega is effectively encouraging buyers to buy all four variants to cover the full catalogue of available games. Furthermore, AFAIK, buying all four game gears is the only way to get the lens to magnify the image from the minuscule 1.15" screen.

Buying all four game gears will set you back around £160 (+ exchange rate fees, shipping, tax etc.). So maybe what - £200-ish give or take, delivered to the UK?

I have the Megadrive, SNES and NES minis and this would make a nice novelty gift... but not at that price!


Click on link below to see advert:

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was this the big announcement that was floating around some YT creators and games mags last week or does Sega have some more news to come soon ?, this seems a little underwhelming to me

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Loved my Game Gear. Accidentally left it in the back seat of our car overnight when I was a wee lad and some fudgeer smashed the window and stole it.

I can't see the point in these at all. Why would you want to play on the tiny screen like that?


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Surprised they didn't include a teenie-tiny-micro version of the TV tuner.



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It is odd one, Sega could of launched a £50 - £79 handheld with retro games installed and new games cartriges.


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It's such a wasted opportunity! They may as well have just re-released the LCD McDonald's Happy Meal game thingies from 2003 or so.

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